Shape the new design world with us.


We're a group of 15 people building a design ecosystem that serves as a portal to the design world. As technology advances, design will be the skin that holds everything together. We see it as our responsibility to equip designers with the workflows and opportunities to reach their full potential.

Why we're different

We're a cooperative that treats all collaborators as members who share in profits like shareholders. Members fill complementary roles as either builders: designers and developers focused on creating products, or operators: handling daily operations and customer relationships.

How we work

We function like a studio, where each project is tied to a brief that highlights the problem, insight, opportunity and proposed solution. Once the team aligns on the project scope, we spend significant time ideating and exploring different approaches until one feels right.

What we’re looking for

People who are deeply motivated to serve designers. One thing that captures our attention is your portfolio or work experience. If you have a repository of passion projects built during nights and weekends simply because an idea inspires you, not because a client or employer assigned it.

How to apply

We’re always keen to chat with experienced designers, full-stack developers, community builders or operators. If this is you, email: with a link to your portfolio, socials and a short introduction about yourself.