Introducing Scout

Connecting great founders with great builders.

We're called Scout because we're focused on handpicking the perfect designer or engineer to join your team. We help founders lay the right foundation by recommending candidates who can be pillars within their company.

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Your job posting just triggered a massive influx of applications, flooding your Inbox 99
The quest to find high-calibre talent just became stressful.

The search for the dream candidate can quickly become a nightmare: endless resumes to sift through, unexpected interview cancellations at the last minute, and conversations with candidates who don't seem to understand the role for which they're applying. We get it, hiring is tiring.

Meet Scout

Scout is here to take the guesswork and stress out of the hiring process. We take the time to go through every candidate, making sure that they have the skills and experience you're looking for.

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Get Curated Candidates

We know it's hard to find the right candidates who are culturally aligned. That's why we take a curated approach, only shortlisting the best.


Dedicated Team Page

Attract talent with our flagship employer branding product Culture, a no-code career site builder.


Your Personal Hiring Partner

Sit back and focus on growing your business while we handle the hiring process for you, making it stress-free and effortless.


What People are saying:

Scout was committed to helping us source candidates that matched our specific requirements. Their team fully understood our needs and played a supportive role in our hiring process.

Julien Martin, Head of Design at Amo

Work with us to streamline your hiring process and eliminate stress and guesswork. Schedule a call to discover a better way to connect with talented designers and engineers.

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