Building a portal to the design world.


Lighting the way for designers to develop their skills and realize their potential. The design community was once a vibrant, inspiring, and nurturing space. Over time, much of that spark dwindled, leaving designers adrift and disconnected in a sea of noisy chat groups and toxic social feeds.

Motivated by the loss of community, William Channer and Timothy Achumba envisioned building a space that returns to the basics, good storytelling and a fundamental love for design. And so, our journey began with the launch of Lovers Magazine, formerly Interface Lovers, putting the spotlight on talented designers through their personal stories. As we engaged with readers, we discovered deeper needs, some sought to hire, while others looked for guidance or insights into admired companies.

This sparked a vision to create an interconnected ecosystem of solutions that enables designers to thrive. Much like a coral reef where diverse organisms sustain the whole, each offering in the Spaces ecosystem supports the others, fostering growth and nurturing the designer's journey in a holistic way.

In the wise words of Buckminster Fuller

"The purpose of our lives is to add value to the people of this generation and those that follow."

Spaces is our contribution to empowering designers today and tomorrow.

Why we exist

Our mission is to build a portal to the design world which is founded on four principles


To give designers a stage to share their stories, work and inspirations.


To provide designers with the best career opportunities.


To foster meaningful connections between design studios and brands.


To enable companies to attract and build the best design teams.

Meet the members

Spaces is a diverse cooperative founded to collaborate with forward thinking builders, fostering an environment for exploring and building new ideas.

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Journey with us

We're driven by problem solving, playfulness and collaboration. If you're a designer, full stack developer, community builder or operator who colors outside the lines, we'd love to hear from you.

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