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LinusRogge (Product Designer at Studio Lenzing)

Linus is a considerate minimalist who cares about details and a lot about people. He appreciates profound conver­sations, hugs, piano music, concerts, and chai latte.

he/him • Hamburg, Germany • June 23, 2023

What led you into design?

I share the same story as many creatives. Growing up, I liked to draw a lot, crafted things with my Dad and took photos of everything and everyone. Until discovering Photoshop on my Mom’s old Mac and writing my first lines of code, I had no idea that design or engineering were actual jobs.

After publishing my first-ever website (visit at your own risk) and becoming more familiar with the development, I searched for solutions to make things more visually appealing as well.

A handful of freelance jobs and internships later, I continue to cherish what I’m able to do more, day by day. Design really is the fundament of everything we do, use, absorb, and rely on – even if barely noticeable. A fact that made it super intriguing for me from the very beginning.

What does a typical day look like?

Trying to be on my phone as little as possible in the morning, I get up around 7 am. Showering, having breakfast over a chai latte, and then taking in some sunlight while cycling into the city. At the office, we start with a stand-up so everyone is synced and prepared to pitch in their day.

I switch between blocks of focused work and some lighter tasks in the morning with some fun chats here and there. After lunch with the team and in between meetings, I try to get a few more hours of work in before calling it a day. Sometimes we go for a walk with Yohji to catch some fresh air.

Checking off the last tickets, I like to end my days with a nice dinner together with a friend, one of many concerts I go to, or at home – easing out with some calm music and solitude. Occasionally, it’s very recharging to play some piano and learn new songs. Before sleep, I draft my tasks for the day ahead to get all my thoughts out of my head for a restful night.

What's your workstation setup?

At home
M–SLM–880 · Minimalissimo × Studio Lenzing

Where do you go to get inspired?

I don’t tend to actively look for inspiration. It’s best when it comes naturally – be it online, while roaming through streets, or during vulnerable conversations with friends.

When it comes to curiosity, I’m like a little toddler. Fascinated by the clouds in the sky, how people cavort around me, and that one brushstroke on a painting – so much pleasure in these little things. I am grateful to be given this life and have all the possibilities to discover simple pleasures.

Most of the visuals I like are stored in my clusters on Cosmos.

What product have you recently seen that made you think this is great design?

The thoroughly crafted and well-balanced typeface “NB International™ Pro” by Stefan Gandl (Neubauladen) – is honestly one of a kind and perfect to me in every stroke and curve.

A 001 PEN by ARGUMENT. The writing feel is super epic and it’s even refillable.

And recently launched: 099 Supply by Carl Barenbrug. High-quality mockups of versatile objects.

What pieces of work are you most proud of?

To be honest, I have a hard time appreciating the work I do. It certainly is a matter of comparison that I fail to overcome, and also the lack of time to push a project to its fullest potential hinders me to adore my work at times. Nevertheless, some adjustments to my processes and mindset have aided me in the past months.

One of my recent side projects has been a great joy to work on. It’s a database for people in your life with additional information like current goals or gift ideas. There is also a timeline for each relationship, which features important moments and documents memories with photos and notes.

I hope to publish the first version in Q3 of 2023.

At Studio Lenzing, we recently designed and developed a site for The Raum Objects by Carolin Balas Pavisic. Through brutalist design, expressive copy, and rich interactions (including AR previews), we are proud to bring The Raum Object’s artistic furniture designs to a wider audience.

What design challenges do you face at your company?

Personally, I always find it hard to switch between projects throughout the day. Once you settle in on one, there might be an issue with another that needs to be taken care of or a meeting that drags you out of the flow. Finding focus and getting into the tunnel of deep work is a burden on some days.

What music do you listen to while designing?

Any advice for ambitious designers?

It’s fine to take things slow and at your tempo. Do not pressure yourself into the need to keep up with everything. There’s a lot to miss out on when rushing through life, and most things are only temporary anyway.

Put a lot of yourself into everything you do or create. A person’s uniqueness and circumstances shape the being they are – and thereby the output they produce.

Take enough time off and rest frequently. Being busy all the time is neither healthy nor does it make you more productive. Make space to allow yourself to forget your work completely, get lost in the woods, meditate, or hang with good people who fuel your spirits. Generally, try to connect with as many people as possible – it’s truly a reward!

Finally, trust yourself. There are many honorable people in this world, who, at a closer look, are reasonably similar to you. This realization has helped me overcome doubt about my skills or person overall. Rather than looking at what makes you different, find similarities and areas to collaborate.

Anything you want to promote or plug?

Anton, Benjamin, Moritz, Neo, Jay, and Moritz are doing great things. Never hesitate to share your ideas with our team at Studio Lenzing. Ping me on Twitter, Instagram, or :)

Never forget to tell your people you love them ♥